European Engineered Timber Floors

Real wood European Engineered Timber Floors

At Empire Floors, we pride ourselves on using only quality European Engineered Timber Floors.

Our engineered timber floorboards are created from excellent European wood and are guaranteed to be 100% timber. Using timber floorboards is healthier and more hard-wearing than any kind of synthetic imitation. Come home to floors that invite you to walk on them barefoot, with a solid feel and are pleasantly warm to touch. Plus, maintenance is breeze as timber floorboards can be sanded down and renewed with a fresh coat of lacquer any time you want.

Solid European Construction

The truth is, our climate can present a real challenge when it comes to choosing what kind of flooring you want. Unfortunately, natural timber has a fluctuating moisture content that is dependent on the weather. This means that, despite being beautiful, you might not pick timber floorboards as traditionally laid timber floors can swell, squeak or cause splits from drying out.

There is a solution though! Our European engineered flooring is actually made up of 3 layers of solid real wood arranged in a cross structure that reduces the natural compression and tension of the timber. The middle and bottom layers of our floorboards are made of a cross structure of coniferous timber while the surface layer is selected European or exotic wood that is oiled or lacquered. This cross construction allows a balance between the layers in the flooring and even with changing weather conditions outside, it will guarantee the stability of the floor.

Our European engineered flooring is extremely easy to install by yourself and can be done very quickly. Don’t worry about your underfloor heating either as our floorboards are perfectly suited to overlay atop of your system. You can use your timber floorboards immediately after installation and they are guaranteed to look great with minimal effort. So come in and select from European, French or American oak and get started on your new European Engineered flooring right away.

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