Laminate Flooring Dandenong

If you’re looking for quality laminate flooring from the best in the business, than look no further. Empire Floors Dandenong stocks high quality laminate flooring for every home and budget.

An extremely versatile product, laminate flooring can go anywhere. It can be put in living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens and suits offices or hotels as well. Empire Floors has a variety of styles to choose from and because of its newly redesigned surface structures, laminate resembles the look and feel of wood, better than ever before. You’ll be enjoying your laminate floors for a long time. Choose a floor that matches your house’s decor and interiors, while using something that is hard-wearing, easy to install and a breeze to clean.

A common misconception about laminate is that it is a plastic manufactured product but in fact, about 90% of your laminate floor is made of wood – a completely natural material. Empire Floors laminate products are built to a high standard and are made without:
- Pesticides
- Plasticisers
- Toxic heavy metals or
- Chlororganic compounds

This makes your new laminate flooring the best choice in terms of environmental footprint and health benefits.

Add a dash of modernity to your home with a surface that is stain, water and abrasion resistant. No need to worry about heavy chairs or tables on laminate as these durable floors are compression-proof. You can even use it in places with high exposure to sun as the floors are lightfast. Empire Floors products will surpass your highest expectations and with a simple click-together system, your new flooring is easy to install by yourself. Never worry about damaging them while cleaning as they can be vacuumed or wiped down with a slightly damp cloth or mop.

Thanks to the smooth surface of laminate flooring, you won’t have allergic reaction inducing microorganisms accumulating, unlike carpet and other floor types – making it the ultimate choice for families. Visit an Empire Floor showroom today to get your best flooring solution yet.