Empire Floors is the best Bamboo Flooring Supplier in Melbourne

Have you been searching for the perfect flooring solution? Our team at Empire Floors has over 20 years experience and can recommend the best option for your home or business. We are a group of trusted professionals who can help you find the sustainable and beautiful new floor you are looking for.

Bamboo flooring is durable, beautiful and has many of the benefits you would have with hardwood floors. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows rapidly – rather than a tree that matures over 20 plus years - and offers a sustainable solution for the environmentally friendly family.

Are you looking for a trusted bamboo flooring specialist?

Your first stop for any timber or bamboo flooring should always be Empire Floors. Visit our showroom in Dandenong and explore our extensive collection. Our team was one of the first in Melbourne to supply, install and work with bamboo so we have ample experience using this fantastic flooring solution.

Don’t jump on the quickest or discounted option. Unfortunately cheaper, poorer quality bamboo can warp or be damaged more easily - ultimately leading to you forking out more money for replacement flooring.

Why Empire Floors is the best in the business for bamboo

You should only work with experts when fixing up your home or office. Subfar furnishings and floorings can bring down the value of your home and quality of life. Empire Floors sources only top quality options from reputable suppliers - making them the ultimate choice for you.

So why should you pick bamboo flooring for your next lounge, bedroom, office or hallway?

  • It is very easy to maintain: maintenance on this type of flooring is as simple as vacuuming, sweeping or mopping and occasionally applying a hardwood cleanser for a deeper clean.
  • It is incredibly durable: despite being manufactured from a grass, bamboo is very strong and a perfect option for big family homes or businesses. Certain strand woven flooring can be even stronger than red oak!
  • It is more water resistant: while water is always a concern for wood floors, bamboo is slightly more resistant than hardwood alternatives.

One of the greatest benefits is how easy it is to refinish and resurface a bamboo floor. In high traffic areas, or in a busy workplace, you might find that your bamboo floors are getting scratched or marred. Luckily, bamboo floors can be sanded and finished with sealant again to give it a bright new look - without having to install a new floor.

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Our specialists at Empire Floors have years of experience in selecting and installing only top quality bamboo and will work with you to find the best solution for your home or business. Contact our team today to start work on your new – and beautiful – bamboo floor.


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- 1850x125x14mm
- 1850x135x14mm

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